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      English Introduction

      Introduction of Huaihe Hospital of Henan University

          Established in 1955,Huaihe Hospital of Henan University is one of the national comprehensive three A-level hospitals intergtated by medical, teaching, research, prevention and health care. It is the first batch of “People at Ease Demonstration Hospital”, “National Baby Friendly Hospital”, “National Stroke Screening and Prevention Base”, “National Outstanding Doctors’ Education and Training Program Base”, “National Health and Family Planning Commission Laparoscopy - endoscopy Training Base”, “National Health and Family Planning Commission Coronary Heart Disease Intervention Training Base.” It is Henan brance center-the first Chinese Evidence-Based Medicine Center in Henan, built with academician expert workstation of translational medicine of the Henan University.

      The southern hospital district of Huaihe Hospital of Henan University.

      The northern hospital district of Huaihe Hospital of Henan University.

          Covering an area of 150 acres, the hospital has two Hospital Districts---the Southern District and the Northern District, with the establishment of 3000 hosipital beds. The Southern Hospital District is treated with surgery and cardiovascular diseases and the Northern Hospital District is treated with the medical patients and for teaching and scientific research.

          In 2015, there were 1 million outpatients and emergency patients, 75 thousand of discharged patients, and more than 10 thousand sets of operations, showing the recognition and trust of the large quantity of patients to the hospital.

          In the hospital,there are 2000 staff,1560 professional technical personnel, including 53 people with Senior Professional title,170 people with Sub-Senior title, 34 professors, 42 supervisors of postgraduate and more than 300 staff with doctor’s and master’s degree of medicine, among whom more than 40 people serve as deputy directors and members in professional societies of city or provincial level.

          There are 38 clinical departments, 9 medical technical departments, more than 70 special section and special disease clinics and 18 clinical teaching and research sections in the hospital. The hospital is the authorized site for master’s degree of clinical medicine as the first level discipline and the clinical medicine of the hospital is the first level discipline in the eighth batch of key disciplines of Henan Province. There are 7 second-level disciplines of key disciplines of Education Department, 4 key disciplines of clinical medicine of Henan Provincial Bureau of Health, 2 national training bases and 2 national disease prevention and treatment bases.

          The hospital has advanced equipments including three sets of American GE16 row 320 row CT, two sets of magnetic resonance imaging instruments,one of which is Siemens 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging, two sets of American GE angiography machine, Swiss IL linear accelerator, digital X-ray imaging system, several sets of Siemens Perinatal type four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound and Philips four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound for heart, 2 sets of blood analysis pipelines and large testing, diagnosis treatment instruments like large automatic biochemical analyzer as well as myopic eye treatment instrument.

          At present,the hospital has been established electronic medical record system with HIS as its center.And the hospital’s LIS and PACS systems can realize real-time transmission between the northern and southern districts and among different departments of Huaihe hospital,by which CR, DR, gastrointestinal angiography,CT, MRI and DSA images can be browsed and all the image data can be stored by disc as medium.

          General surgery is the laparoscopic endoscopic training base of National Health and Family Planning Commission, key cultivate major of clinical medicine of Henan Province, key major of clinical medicine of Kaifeng City, the vice president unit of World Endoscopy Doctors Association, Association of Natural Orifice Physicians and Association of Hepatobiliary Surgery Physicians, vice chairman unit of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Professional Committee of tumor minimally invasive treatment and branch of tumor minimally invasive and biological treatment, member unit of the Henan provincial General Surgical Professional Committee, director unit of Henan Provincial Anti-Cancer Association, with the annual average operation rate of more than 4000 cases.

          In recent years,following the pace of development of the discipline,all clinical departments of the hospital has carried out various kinds of minimally invasive surgeries including all kinds of endoscopes diagnosis and treatment technology (laparoscopic,thoracoscopic, bronchoscopy, mastoscopic, arthroscopy, hysteroscopy, intervertebral disc mirror, urethra mirror etc.), the technology of interventional diagnosis and treatment of heart, great vessels and brain blood vessels, MPST,Mimi-thoractomy and urinary surgical diseases holmium laser treatment technology.

          Nearly 80 kinds of new technology,such as various types of tumor radiotherapy technology, complex congenital heart disease surgery, artificial joint surface replacement technology and total knee replacement technology,etc has been developed. At the same time, all kinds of painless treatment technology (painless gastroscopy and painless colonoscopy, painless?artificial?abortion, painless childbirth, etc.) and prenatal diagnostic techniques has been achieved major breakthrough and rapid development.

      English Introduction
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